Thomas J Salzano – Dexter Jackson to Retire After 2020, Mr. Olympia

“Bodybuilding is a sport that requires strict training but full dedication and patience,” says Thomas J Salzano a famous blogger and a trainer. With so many competitions going all around the world it is difficult for a bodybuilder to fix a goal. The famous bodybuilders like Dexter Jackon who have earned respect and won big titles like Mr. Olympia 2008 has inspired many for a better future. It’s the legends like him who made it easy for the aspiring bodybuilders to set goals and explore the world of bodybuilding with the experience of such renowned bodybuilders.

Recently, Dexter Jackon, one of the oldest bodybuilders who is still competing at high levels and is known for his strength and achievement has announced his retirement and not everyone was happy with the news. He won the Mr. Olympia title when he was 43 years old, and still at the age of 50 is competing in big competitions with the young and fit bodybuilders. His true fans know how difficult it is for him to retire as he is one of the most dedicated bodybuilders.

The proud winner of IFBB titles in the league overall and living a remarkable journey of nearly 40 years of career as a bodybuilder Jackson has won over 29 competitions over the course of time. To add on to his achievements Jackson has not just won Mr. Olympia, 2008 title but is also one of the oldest bodybuilders to ever win a professional title that is winning the 2019 Tampa Pro when he was 49 years old. 

It was after the announcement from NPC News Online, where the news was officially published about Jackson’s last year competing. This clearly means that after following the 2020 Mr. Olympia, Dexter Jackson will be retiring from competition.

Dexter Jackson announced that he will retire after 2020 Mr. Olympia

The excitement for Mr.Olympia 2020 is much higher this time for the true fans of Dexter Jackson as this is a special moment for them to see him perform like a champion. The news of his retirement may not please everyone but as a fan “I, Thomas J Salzano congratulate the legend of his remarkable  journey.”