Thomas J Salzano: The Pros and Cons of a Bodybuilder Diet

The importance of a balanced diet is known by all and people do make an attempt to eat healthily and in the right proportion. Also if you are in a profession like bodybuilding, following a strict diet becomes a golden rule for you to stay fit and eligible says Thomas J Salzano a professional bodybuilder. 

In a profession like bodybuilding, everything is measured and tracked professionally by pro-level competitors – from foods eaten to calories counted, and even the portion size to meal frequency.

Being a bodybuilder is not an easy job as you invest your entire life into the profession especially in terms of diet and training. Thomas says everything comes with some pros and cons in life, even following a diet has some positive and negative impacts in your life.

Bodybuilder Diet

First, let’s look at the pros: 

You’re in control

To build a body like a bodybuilder and then achieve different body fitness goals in life you have to have good control over your diet. You eat healthy, clean, and have good control over your diet and protein intake. This is a good thing as you eliminate many items from your diets like fat or sugar to fuel your body. This is one best healthy habit that every bodybuilder is proud of. 

The Frequency of Eating

The frequency of your meals also plays an important role in your daily diet. As we all know that for a bodybuilder the intake of proteins is important and as a fact protein is not stored for long in the body like carbohydrates or fats. This is why having regular meals at the same frequency is important and is strictly maintained by the bodybuilders. 

Regimented for a reason

A bodybuilder always ensures that he/she follows a strict nutrition plan as it is the best method for ensuring success as a bodybuilder. Thomas says the bodybuilders that follow a diet could claim that its regimented nature compliments their career path. 

First, let’s look at the cons: 

Little Flexibility

As a bodybuilder, you hardly get much flexibility in your life both in terms of diet and training. As an aspiring bodybuilder, there are many who left this career, not because of the training but the strict diet and food eating habits that they have to follow. There is not much that you can change in your diet and this is one tough part that you have to achieve as a bodybuilder. Training is secondary but your diet is what comes first and should be followed properly.

Pros and Cons of a Bodybuilder Diet

Micronutrient maintenance

Alternate your protein source to solve this problem. Basically micronutrients are molecules that we need in small quantities, such as minerals and vitamins. As a pro tip by Thomas do add broccoli in your diet as it is a fantastic vegetable, but the addition of spinach adds much-needed folic acid, iron, and niacin for enhanced energy production. 

Mental Health

Work on your mental health as you tend to ignore it by only focusing on your training and diet. You need to be sharp enough to remember your diet plan and follow it strictly. You need to know about the protein that a food item has and what is your calorie intake. Stopping yourself from eating anything extra from your diet plan and motivating yourself in the case when you are unable to achieve your goal or follow the diet is something that affects your mental health and should not be ignored. Many bodybuilders lose their cool when they fail to achieve, which is not a good sign of health as a bodybuilder.

These were some pros and cons of a bodybuilding diet. Thomas J Salzano says that you have to have patience when it comes to achieving your goals. Also, there is no harm in giving-up if even after trying so hard you are unable to match-up with the bodybuilding goals. As it is pointless to put your health at risk if your body is not ready.