Thomas J Salzano: Reason Why Bodybuilders Need Omega-3s

“Supplements are a part of a bodybuilder’s diet, giving positive results,” says Thomas J Salzano, a professional bodybuilder. As a fact, starting with supplements like Omega-3s puts forward a few questions before it becomes a part of your daily workout routine.

Professionals like Thomas J Salzano recommend always consulting your trainer or dietician before you add any supplement to your diet. Not just because they might not suit you but maybe it is not the best time to start with such supplements considering your diet and current training programme.

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It is generally seen that aspiring bodybuilders are excited to follow a particular diet and add supplements to their diet considering it a booster. This is not the actual reason to add supplements to your diet, only if your body requires it, the trainer will recommend supplements otherwise to some extent there is no need.

In this post today Thomas J Salzano has shared some reasons why supplements like Omega-3s are added to a bodybuilders diet. Analysis of these benefits and see if it has the same effect on your body:

  1. It has anti-inflammatory compounds that speed the exercise recovery
  1. These supplements make you strong
  1. Such supplements boost your reaction time
  1. Reduces the risk of Overuse Injuries
  1. Omega-3s helps in making your muscles work better
  1. Makes your bones strong and prevents brittle bones.

Effective for bodybuilders dealing with Asthma problems

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These are the general benefits of Omega-3s whereas the quantity to be consumed totally depends on the requirement and prescription. Thomas Salzano says anything excess can be harmful and as a bodybuilder, you should depend and focus more on your diet and keep the proportion of supplements less.