Thomas J Salzano: Why Bodybuilding is Not a Part of Olympics?

“I am among those who are eagerly waiting for the day when bodybuilding will be a part of the Olympics,” says Thomas J Salzano, a professional bodybuilder and a blogger. There are millions like Thomas who wish to see bodybuilding as part of the Olympics but there is a strong reason why bodybuilding is yet not added as an event in the Olympics.

The Tokyo Olympics started on 23rd July In Tokyo, Japan. But like always there is one event that is not a part of the Tokyo Olympics i.e. “Bodybuilding.” Although there are various arguments on adding bodybuilding in the Olympics there are a few that can be considered valid as per the rules and regulations of the Olympics.

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Here in this post, Thomas J Salzano has shared some valid reasons that can be considered for “why bodybuilding is not added in the Tokyo Olympics?”

  • As a bodybuilder, you need to take a lot of steroids, whereas to be a part of the Olympics it is necessary to be drug-free for each participant. It is a challenge to add bodybuilding in the Olympics and make it a fair competition when the participants have used different steroids in different quantities.
  • The judgement criteria as per Olympics rules and regulations makes it difficult to judge the competition. The IOCĀ  finds the objective missing in the case of bodybuilding, like in other sports for example wrestling, defeating your competitor is the main objective, whereas other parameters to judge are set consider the main objective. This is again a valid reason for discussion why bodybuilding is not added to Olympics.
  • Bodybuilding is not a sport, similarly, chess is not considered a sport. This is again a valid point in support of why bodybuilding is not yet added to the Olympics.
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Thomas J Salzano says, there are some debatable reasons why it is a challenge to add bodybuilding to the Olympics. But sooner or later there is a possibility that the IOC will set new parameters to make events like bodybuilding, chess etc. a part of the Olympics.